WebInterpret acquires Ekos Global

WebInterpret have announced the acquisition of the London based Cross-Border Ecommerce Platform, Ekos Global.

glopal-global-storesEkos was launched in 2012 by British and Swedish entrepreneurs Fitch Richardson and Andre Borgstrom who join the Webinterpret team. The platform enables online retailers to rapidly expand into foreign markets by generating localised versions of their online store. Ekos connects with over 30 popular ecommerce platforms and allows retailers to run their international stores in parallel and in sync with their domestic store.

The technology came out of four years R&D and through client projects with retailers such as ASOS and VisitLondon.

The acquisition of Ekos Global marks the final phase in WebInterpret’s transition from Amazon and eBay localisation software to a full cross-border sales solution.

WebInterpret Global Stores

WebInterpet have also announced the launch of their newest product “Global Stores”. Global Stores, like Ekos’s own product, enables retailers to rapidly generate and deploy localised versions of their store in international markets, what makes this product truly special however, and what places it in an entirely new category is it’s approach to marketing.

In addition to automatically localising retailers’ products and content with human-quality translation, WebInterpret builds automated international marketing directly into each localised store. For retailers this means that from the moment they launch a new localised store in a foreign market the store will automatically start placing ads on international search engines, price comparison websites, social networks and marketplaces.

The Global Stores product is available today with a 60 day free trial.