The miracle of Sunday ecommerce delivery

I don’t like being a whinger. No, really I don’t.

So, as my old Irish Granny used to say: “Praise where praise is due.” And I want to wax a little about how marvellous Sunday delivery for ecommerce deliveries is. And yes, it is a reality.

On Friday night, after pub closing time, I remembered something I needed for my forthcoming trip to the USA. I considered popping out on Saturday to get it and even thought about buying it when I was over the pond but, as an Amazon Prime customer, I thought I might try and get more value from that subscription and see if I could the goods on Monday.

No such luck. I would have to settle for Sunday delivery. Hurrah. And yesterday they goods arrived via courier who (because I wasn’t in) left it with a neighbour.

I still find Sunday delivery novel. It’s a great leap forward from the age of Monday to Friday only and it’s marvellous that such a service is no extra charge.

Of course, behind such efficiency, lies a willingness and ability for sellers to despatch the goods on a Saturday. And I’m happy my seller did (they are a well-known marketplace seller on Amazon) but for smaller operations that’s not always practicable.

But the fact remains that Sunday delivery is a good thing, we’re going to see more of it and more and more buyers will come to expect it as standard and normal.