Royal Mail suspends post to Republic of Ireland

Royal Mail has announced that it will no longer accept items for delivery to the Republic of Ireland for the time being.

This is a result of An Post, the Irish national postal service, experiencing difficulties because of strike action. However, it would look like the strike has been suspended but that there is a huge backlog of mail that remains.

Here’s a mail we’ve received that has been sent to a number of sellers by Royal Mail by a Royal Mail account manager.

“Royal Mail deliveries to the Republic of Ireland have been suspended until further notice and we are unable to accept any more items for delivery

– Deliveries have been suspended due to the strike action taken by the equipment maintenance providers for An Post, the National Postal Operator in the Republic of Ireland.

– This is impacting An Post’s processing operations and therefore An Post is unable to accept items at this time.

– We will keep you updated with any new developments regarding the situation. We are currently exploring alternative arrangements for deliveries.”

We’ve asked eBay what measures they’ll be putting in place to protect sellers who might be impacted by this problem. Do you send much to the Republic of Ireland?