Royal Mail DMO and foreign characters

There’s an issue with foreign language characters and Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online (DMO) that you need to be aware of.

Tamebay reader Louise spotted the issue with international addresses on DMO – When importing an international address which contains foreign characters into the address the system automatically deletes the foreign characters.

DOM doesn’t replace foreign characters with a UK equivalent or forewarn you that this has happened. As such you could end up printing a label with an address that is incomplete. For example if an address contains an umlaut the system just deletes it.

DMO-Foreign-Language-CharactersLouise spotted this with a parcel destined for the Norwegian village of Øvre and the Ø was causing the issue.

It appears that the first address field in DMO will only accept English characters and in order to add in localised addresses you have to activate a new field that allows you to put in the address with characters

To activate localised addresses you need to select the country, activate the localised address box then add the address in the new box which is time consuming to say the least. One can’t help wondering why as soon as you select the country from the drop down it doesn’t automatically bring up the localised address fields?

Anyone using DMO needs to be aware of this and while we’ve not checked, we’re crossing our fingers that any automation software you may be using is configured to check the localised address box in the background.

Many thanks to Louise for the heads up on this!