Myhermes 0-1kg parcel price reduction

MyHermes has announced a price change for parcels you send with them that weigh less than 1kg. A short email sent to merchants reads:

“Price Change Effective Today for 0-1kg Parcels
As of today, Monday 5th October, the price for sending a 0-1kg parcel using myHermes ParcelShops is £2.17 (Ex VAT) or £2.60 (inc VAT). This price still includes £25 compensation and is effective immediately.”

One seller who go in contact and called the reduction a “Royal Mail Destroyer” and whilst that remains to be seen, it’s certainly a very attractive price. The price isn’t yet reflected on the MyHermes website as far as I can see but as the email says, the price is effective from today. To put the price into perspective, on Royal Mail rack rate for a standard 1kg parcel second class will set you back £2.80 but the size restrictions are smaller and that’s totally untracked.