Insights into Amazon’s strategy in China

There’s an interesting interview with Amazon’s Doug Gurr in China Daily. He heads up Amazon’s Chinese franchise and is created with turning around what was a failing wing of the business when he took over in 2014.

He says of his approach to the business: “There are two parts. One is helping customers in China get access to the very best products around the world. The other is helping businesses in China become global brands through Amazon’s platforms.”

He adds that “We see a lot of opportunities in ecommerce, particularly cross-border ecommerce, as the Chinese economy moves from low-cost manufacturing to creating brands. If you are the largest player, if you have scale, people will come to you simply because you are the biggest. But if you are not the largest, you have to do something that is different. It has to be something that only you can do. The thing we can do that is different is the relationship we have with hundreds of thousands of vendors around the world.”

We seldom write about Amazon in China but its clear that they are developing it and in due course that may impact your Amazon sales, so it’s well worth reading.