Has Babz Media stopped trading?

It would look like one of eBay’s most prolific sellers, Babz Media, has stopped selling. It has not been confirmed whether this is a temporary or permanent state of affairs. All our attempts to contact Babz Media in the past few days have been unsuccessful.

Here are the facts:

– On Monday we noted that their eBay and Amazon (bar a handful of Amazon FBA items) had been removed from sale.
– Babz’s social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook have been deleted.
– Our attempts to phone Babz have been unsuccessful for three days.

One concern we have is how such a closure could affect buyers. eBay have commented on the case: “We are in close contact with the seller and will make sure that no eBay buyers are left out of pocket. Anyone who has made a purchase that hasn’t been delivered will receive a full refund.”

Babz was included in WebRetailer’s top ten Worldwide eBay seller charts at number 2 in June. They received well over £1m positive feedback in the previous 12 months. So it’s fair to say Babz was doing serious volume on eBay.

We know that all sorts of rumours have been doing the rounds (some more credible than others) but so far noone has satisfied us with irrefutable evidence on what the situation is.

Please be mindful, if you comment, that a) peoples’ livelihoods have been affected here and some level of compassion is welcome and b) wild speculation, spreading rumours without basis is not useful. You are responsible for your own comments.