Government bids for more SME suppliers, but are they serious?

As we all know, HM Government spends an awful lot of money every year.

It could be on the NHS, defence, benefits, schools, housing or local councils. The total budget is huge, billions, and they say they want to spend more with small firms.

Indeed, they seek to spend 1 pound in 3 with British small businesses. That’s government policy, apparently. I just don’t think they’re serious. After all, this government has had 5 years already to make great strides forward on this issue and I haven’t seen them do it.

My own personal experience with small businesses trying to get a share of local government jobs has seen only jobsworth local council officers being obstructive and pedantic. The paperwork is prohibitive and the payment terms punitive. The average superannuated government drone has no experience of dealing with lean and nimble SMEs and they drag their heels at every opportunity.

But you might be more forgiving than me and want to get involved and try and get a slab of government spending. If so, those good people at Enterprise Nation may well be able to help with their Government Exchange event.

As they say: “As the government goes public on plans to spend £1 in every £3 with small businesses, Enterprise Nation unveils the full programme for the Government Exchange, an event to connect small businesses with buyers from government departments and their largest suppliers.

Sign up to secure contacts and contracts at the event which takes place in London on 12 November.”