eBay undervalue my smartphone at just £23.50

eBay sell your phone for £100 more than other sitesI decided that I might as well sell my old mobile phone. I’ve had the new one for a couple of months so see no real need to hang on to my old handset – a Samsung Note 3.

What prompted me to list my old mobile was the big banner advert on eBay’s home page telling me that I could expect to get around £100 more for a smartphone by selling on eBay compared with any other site. When I click through it asks me for the phone Brand (Samsung); Model (Galaxy Note 3); SIM Lock (unlocked); Storage (16GB); Colour (white); Condition (used); and Cosmetic Condition (good); and Accessories (Original Box, Headphones, Charger). All well and good, now eBay tell me what they think my mobile is worth…. and it’s just £23.50!!

eBay says that “Phones like this are trending at £23.50“, and that “Price recommendation is based on similar items that recently sold or completed“. I guess what that tells me is that either eBay’s price engine is very broken or that there have been a hell of a lot of mobile phone accessories spammed into the “Mobile & Smart Phones” category instead of where they belong which is “Mobile Phone & PDA Accessories”.

Anyone want a cheap Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because I’m not going to sell it on eBay for £23.50, I can’t be bothered and I doubt many other consumers would either.

Sell your Samsung Galaxy Note 3  eBay

(The average eBay selling price on for a white Galaxy Note 3 according to Terapeak is £177.08, perhaps I’ll list it after all…)