eBay tests reviews on eBay.com

Way back in the last decade eBay had reviews. They allowed buyers to review products that they’d purchased and displayed them in product pages. These disappeared from the site and reviews have been absent from eBay for many years.

eBay ReviewNow it appears that reviews might be on their way back. In that looks like a pilot trial on eBay.com, buyers are once again being invited to write reviews with the ratings displayed at the top of listings just below the item title.

Reviews are a powerful way to drive traffic and can make or break a product. They need to be legitimate though and that’s where the rub lies, Amazon have recently sued over 1000 unknown reviewers who are being paid to leave positive reviews on their site. Prolific Amazon reviewer Harriet Klausner who died this year reportedly reviewed over 31,000 books and her reputation which such that publishers sent her some 50 books a week in the hope of a scoring one of her reviews.

Fake reviews are worthless to consumers, but companies love them under the assumption that it makes their business look great compared to their competitors. Since the news of Amazon’s legal action a grass movement campaign has sprung up on Twitter with the hashtag #noreceiptnoreview, largely focused at fraudulent reviews on TripAdvisor.

eBay Reviews

eBay Review Submit PageTo leave a review eBay asks for a five star rating, three yes/no questions (which for a printer were: Is it easy to set up?; Is it good value?; and Is the print quality good?), a review title and then a free text box in which to enter your review.

So now it appears that reviews might be coming back to eBay and doubtless they’ll be keen for them to do two things (apart from being genuine!). Firstly to add to buyer confidence when they’re viewing an item and about to purchase but more importantly to help with SEO.

Google loves a good review so long as they’re in the correct rich snippet format and if eBay can build up a large catalogue of reviews and have the five star ratings displayed on search engines it won’t do eBay SEO any harm at all.

Would you like to see reviews rolled out across all eBay sites? Would you leave reviews and encourage your buyers to review your products?