eBay reverse Anchor Shop 50k listing limit

eBay Shops FeatIn the Spring Seller release in March this year, eBay announced that sellers who subscribe to an Anchor Shop would have their free listings capped at 50,000 fixed price listings per month from the summer.

The intention was that you’d be able to list more by paying an additional 5p for each listing over your allowance. Alternatively, eBay were going offer an additional Unlimited Listing Pack purchased separately for an additional £250.

In good news, eBay say that they are happy to announce that they’ve “decided not to put this policy into place at this time. While only a small number of Anchor Shop subscribers create over 50,000 listings per month, all Anchor Shop subscribers can continue to enjoy unlimited listings”.

eBay added a footnote saying that they will continue to review shop allowances and seller behaviour to make sure they are delivering the best experience on eBay for both buyers and sellers.