eBay Global Shipping Program usage accelerates

Global Shipping ProgramHave you signed up for eBay’s Global Shipping Program yet? If you don’t already sell overseas it might be time to consider using it in the run up to Christmas.

The Global Shipping Programme is an easy way for business (and private sellers) to reach millions more buyers with minimal effort and practically no change to your current eBay selling operation. All you do is opt in (either at account level or on a listing by listing basis) and eBay will make your products available to buyers in 32 countries around the world. You may already be opted in if you haven’t manually opted out of the program.

When something sells, all you need do is ship the product to eBay’s UK Shipping Centre and from then on eBay take over responsibility for the onward international delivery. The address is automatically provided as the shipping address with a unique identifier code included in the address so that the UK Shipping Centre can identify your item.

Back in May, eBay UK announced that the Global Shipping Program had shipped their one millionth parcel since it launched in the Autumn of 2014. We’ve just heard that the total now stands at 1.8 million parcels which suggests that usage of the program is accelerating fast with buyers happy to access UK products using eBay’s service.

The Global Shipping Program is about the easiest way on any marketplace that you can get started selling internationally around the world. Of course you may already have your own courier arrangements and list on international eBay sites and that’s definitely the best way to proceed. If however you don’t want to do the heavy lifting yourself, you can simply list on eBay UK and let eBay handle the international side of shipping on your behalf.