Bamford Trading now a Google Certified Shop

Gill and John Hewitt Bamford TradingJill and John Hewitt of Bamford Trading have become the first Volo customer to secure Google Certified Shop status.

John Hewitt, CEO, Bamford Trading explains “What this means is that when a customer searches for a product on Google, or if they come directly to our site, a Google Certified Shops badge pops up. Not only does this build buyer confidence and trust, it tells them we offer an excellent customer experience.

Bamford Trading Google Certified ShopCongratulating John, Paul Watson, CEO, Volo Commerce said “It is incredibly encouraging to see how our platform can help continue to drive growth and secure further opportunities. Helping to achieve the Google Certified Shop status is just another example of how Volo can help push online and multichannel sellers forward.”

It’s not straightforward to become Google Certified according to John, but Bamford Trading were able to do it within the Volo platform quite easily. After just a month of becoming Google Certified, John says he’s seen click-through-rates from Google increase from 4-6%. As a bonus the Certified Shop status has also had a positive impact on conversion rates.