Amazon Seller Central glitches and updates

Amazon BugAmazon’s recently redesigned Seller Central appears to be causing more problems than a few new fonts and moving the odd button around. To be blunt a lot of the time it appears to simply not work at all.

We’re hearing that some sellers are unable to log in, whilst others that do manage to log in are getting Amazon’s error page directing them to “Click here to visit the Seller Central home page” again. For those that can’t log in Tamebay reader Raj suggests that you can can get around the issue by going to clicking seller account top right, and logging in from there.

Whatever the reason for the glitches it does of course impact seller’s work routine much more than the redesign, although sellers hate changes especially if the one obscure feature that they used to use has gone! Not being able to log in to manage orders is a bit more serious however, not least because of Amazons obsessive focus on customer service – It’s hard for retailers to look after Amazon’s consumer customers if Amazon isn’t looking after their retail customers.

Let us know if you’re able to log in to Amazon and if you can what you think of the new dashboard layout.

For those using third party tools which access Amazon via the API, the good news is that we’ve had no reports of them not working.