UK Readers report eBay and PayPal glitch

You may have been affected by an eBay and PayPal glitch that occurred last Friday and seems to have been a problem for a number of users.

It has happened before: basically a buyer purchases and checkouts on eBay and then pays via PayPal but the payment doesn’t register in the seller’s PayPal account but does in My eBay.

As far as we can see now, the problem was resolved over the weekend with the payments appearing in PayPal and registering on PayPal. So even if you don’t notice anything, you may have been impacted. That said, we have no idea how big a problem this was or where the blame lies.

The bigger concern, however, was the advice being given to sellers who experienced the issue. eBay reps were telling sellers to cancel the order and get buyers to resubmit the purchase. Not only is that a terrible customer experience, but also (as it turned out) unnecessary. Thankfully it seems everything was sorted in the end, but we’re not sure how long it took.

With eBay required to ensure that the vast majority of marketplace payments be funnelled through PayPal for the next few years, it’s vital that eBay and PayPal have a strong working relationship. This could be a worrying example of how there is no longer a channel of communication between the two independent firms when there is a problem.