UK based Rareburg is new toys & collectables marketplace

A new marketplace called Rareburg has launched: it has caught my eye a few times through advertising on the web.

It specialises in selling toys, collectables, comics, curios and the like. There’s some pretty nice stuff for sale on there but the selection is obviously limited because it’s early days.

As they say of themselves: “Rareburg is a new place for collectors of the rare, unique, and wonderful to call home. It’s purpose is to serve as a place where collectors of all categories can admire, display, buy and sell items.

Please do enjoy yourself but please remember to show respect for your fellow collectors. They may be an oddball but seriously, we all are (and that includes you!).”

They also offer appraisals and guides from experts, including TV face Eric Knowles.

Currently Rareburg doesn’t have a mobile app but claims to be developing one.

One minor criticism I will level at Rareburg is that, even after a few minutes searching on the site, I have no idea who the people are behind it. Who is running this marketplace? They ask for quite a big chunk of trust, and have a ‘trust level’ feature.

But what of the people behind the curtain? If you know more, get in touch. Because such information eludes me.

Are you a Rareburg user? Let us know your experiences. If not, is this a marketplace you’d sell on?