Tamebay Comment: eBay UK changes are a step in the right direction

Who would have thought that when eBay made announcements over a week ago to dramatically reform the punitive and illogical Defects system, that some readers here on Tamebay would mourn their passing?

But some did.

You might have missed the massive slew of changes that they announced. We reported them on Tamebay and they are well worth digesting. Here are the key changes:

eBay UK Seller Release: Objective Standards – instead of subjective buyer inputs, eBay will measure you on objective data making it easier for you to avoid defects.

eBay UK Seller Release: New Returns Experience – An improved Returns flow for buyers with more flexibility for sellers.

eBay UK Seller Release: Integrated Tracking – Making it easier to avoid delivery defects when you use tracking.

eBay’s New Seller Hub Coming in 2016 – an improved seller dashboard. Long overdue!

There was never any question of eBay sorting out everything on the seller wish list in one attempt. There’s a lot that needs doing, for starters. And eBay has always favoured evolutionary rather revolutionary change. But what we were looking out for were bold changes. And we got that. There can be no argument that the direction of travel is entirely correct and encouraging.

The one concern we do have is about timing. These things have been announced but most will not come into force until 2016. Some could be even as much as 6 months away. It is a concern that eBay doesn’t seem able to introduce its own reforms more quickly and that means sellers will be facing another peak Christmas selling period under the old regime. In 2015, we would expect even the grand old dame of ecommerce to be more nimble than that.

And we had hoped for some movement on fees. But maybe that’s coming?

So it’s two cheers for the 2015 eBay UK Autumn seller release. And it would have been 3 cheers if the changes could happen sooner.