Refunding one item from a multi-item eBay order

refundWhat do you do when you need to issue a partial refund to an eBay customer? It sounds obvious doesn’t it, but perhaps not…

For instance if a customer returns just one item from a multiple item order you don’t want to do a total refund and you’d think it would be simple… and it is so long as the customer has used the eBay returns process. Not all customers do though.

If an item is returned outside the eBay returns flow it appears it’s nigh on impossible to do a partial refund for the single item. You could of course ask the customer (who’s already returned the item) to now go back on to eBay, find the product in their My eBay and request a return enabling you to refund them. That’s a lot of hassle for a customer who’s knows you’ve already received the product back.

An alternative is to go to PayPal and simply process a partial refund there. That’s probably (currently) going to get you a defect so also isn’t ideal, plus you won’t get a refund on your eBay fees.

However there appears to be a bit of a workaround, which is to log into eBay Ireland and process the refund from there. eBay Ireland is a bit behind the UK on site updates so the old cancellation process, that will allow single cancellations, still works. You still need to be careful on what might attract a defect and what won’t, but if you’re trying to refund one returned item from a multiple item order it might be worth trying.

Thanks to Tamebay reader Simon for this tip!