New advert on eBay search results

light bulb  eBaySpotted on eBay is an interesting ad, we’ve seen the “Promoted by eBay Shops” section which sits in the right hand sidebar on eBay search results, but what we’ve not seen is a takeover banner at the top of search results.

Laura Mathieson, the eBay expert from spotted the advert when searching eBay for light bulbs. The Smart LED Outlet is promoted in the advert as the “Official Osram Partner” and the advert links directly to their eBay shop.

We’re not sure who’s funded the advert (we’ve not asked), whether it be the eBay seller or Osram. What is interesting though is the ability to have your eBay shop promoted above all other eBay sellers is possible. Has anyone else seen similar adverts on the site?

Whilst I’m guessing every seller would be happy to snag the search results top banner advert, I’m guessing that those who have fought hard for good Best Match search results placement won’t be quite as pleased.