Insights from eBay on Product Identifier delays

Following the news that eBay have delayed the Product Identifier roll out on multi variation listings until next year they’ve revealed some interesting background information.

The technical issue

eBay say:The technical issue refers to an edge use case, discovered during testing, that applies to a very small percentage of multi-SKU listings with previous sales“.

The Timing

eBay say:The solution will be ready in October – but we are deferring implementation until January 2016 to avoid adding a mandate during the critical holiday season“.

We know just how much retailers hate any changes to operations in the busiest quarter of the year. Whilst it would make sense to have product identifiers rolled out as soon as possible I’m pretty sure that all eBay merchants will be relieved to know that they don’t have to attempt to update all their listings in Q4.

The Google/SEO implications

eBay say:We believe the percentage of multi-SKU listings impacted is too small to have any measurable impact on SEO“.

eBay CEO Devin Wenig is all ready on record as saying that fixing not only Google link equity but also discoverablity on eBay itself is a multiyear transformation. eBay are in the best position with some of the best brains in the world working for them so we’ll give them a pass on the SEO impact of multi variation listings and trust that they know what they’re doing.