eBay UK Seller Release: Objective Standards

eBay Feedback RemovalWithout a doubt the flag ship of eBay’s Autumn Seller Release revolves around more objective seller standards. eBay feedback as we know it (as least as far as relevance goes) is being thrown out with the trash.

The changes below come into effect on 20 February 2016 for UK sellers and you’ll be able to preview your performance against the new standards from 5 November 2015.

Put simply, eBay are updating seller performance standards to recognise when you deliver a great buyer experience. This means instead of subjective buyer inputs, eBay will measure you on objective data making it easier for you to manage your performance.

What’s changing?

From 20 February 2016, the following will no longer count towards your defect rate

  • Buyer Feedback.
  • Detailed seller ratings (DSRs).
  • Returns requests that are successfully resolved with your buyer.
  • Items not received requests that are successfully resolved with your buyer.

Instead, eBay will use only the following existing criteria to determine your defect rate

  • Seller-cancelled transactions.
  • Cases that are closed without seller resolution.

Defect Metrics

Due to eBay measuring less criteria to calculate your defect rate and because the two ways you can get a defect are much more under your control, eBay are changing the defect rates allowed:

eBay UK Seller Defects

New on-time delivery metric

eBay are introducing a new on-time delivery metric, measuring delivery performance based on what you control – posting your items on time.

When will a delivery be considered on-time?

An order will be counted as being on time as long if:

  • Item tracking status shows as ‘Accepted’ within your stated dispatch time.
  • Item tracking status shows as ‘Delivered’ within your estimated delivery time.
  • The buyer confirms that the delivery was made on time.

We’ve already seen eBay asking the question “Did your item on or before the [Estimated Delivery Date]” and it appears that this is a much more reliable metric than the current Detailed Seller Requirement which on a desktop asks “How quickly did the seller dispatch the item?” but on a mobile is truncated to “Dispatch time?”.

Whilst non-tracked items clearly won’t be as protected as tracked items, the specific question about the arrival date is certainly better than asking how quickly an item was dispatched.

Deliveries will be considered late only when…

  • You do not upload tracking information and your buyer states that the item arrived after the estimated delivery date.
  • Tracking shows that there is no acceptance scan within your stated dispatch time and the item arrived after the estimated delivery date, plus your buyer either does not confirm that the item arrived on time or states that the item arrived after the estimated delivery date.

Delivery Metrics

The on-time delivery metric won’t affect your defect rate. However, eBay may restrict your delivery options, including the dispatch times you can offer on your listings which could in turn prevent you from offering same day despatch or Fast & Free, lower your position in Best Match and prevent you from being Top Rated.

Ontime Delivery Metrics UK

To enable eBay to measure on time deliveries they’ve invested in more courier integrations covered on this post.