eBay UK Seller Release: Integrated Tracking

Courier hmeBay are integrating tracking information into My eBay to make it easier for buyers and sellers to follow the progress of deliveries.

More importantly the tracking integration will help eBay protect you from certain delivery-related defects. It’s an empirical objective measurement that eBay can use to rate you as a great seller.

From September 2015, when you add tracking data shipments eBay will display ‘Courier’ and ‘Status’ information for selected couriers. Items will be displayed as ‘Accepted’, ‘In transit’ or ‘Delivered’.

Buyers and sellers will have greater visibility of an item’s delivery status – and eBay will use the data for the new on-time delivery metric, which will measure delivery performance based on what you control – posting your items on time.

eBay UK Courier IntegrationsSupported Couriers

Most of the major couriers are on board and should be supported by the end of 2015 (though one or two may take slightly longer).

Why you need to add tracking

It will become more important than ever to upload tracking to eBay if you use a supported service. Firstly if you despatch the item on time and eBay picks up the acceptance scan you’ll be protected for the new on-time delivery metric. That should be reason enough.

However having the tracking information at their fingertips should allow customers to become self service and they’ll easily be able to track their own items reducing customer support requirements.

Once the item status shows as ‘Accepted’, eBay will know that you posted the item on time… hello auto 5-star rating for dispatch time. As an added bonus you won’t to worry about incurring an ‘item not received’ delivery-related defect if something goes wrong such as the courier delivering your parcel late or the buyer not collecting it on time.