eBay UK 50,000 listing Business seller promo

eBay are running a promotion for UK Business sellers offering up to 50,000 fixed price listings with free insertion fees.

Sadly it’s an invite only promotion so if you’ve not seen the email you’re probably not included. However if you’d be interested there’s no harm clicking the invite link in case the email went astray.

Feature fees and final value fees will still apply so make sure you don’t add a ton of features if they’re not cost effective for you. Seller limits my still apply so you might not be able to list all 50,000 even if you’re included in the promotion. Make sure you regular items are the first to be listed.

This does look like a standard promotion as the dates are a little vague simply stating “Feature fees and final value fees will still apply”. We’re not sure how many sellers have been invited to participate (but probably more than just Tamebay reader John who let us know about the promotion). Have you received an invite?