eBay on-time shipping metric flow chart

eBay’s new on-time delivery metric has been the topic generating most emails to Tamebay HQ in the last few days. Readers are asking a ton of “What happens if…?” questions so we thought to try and answer some of them we’d create a flow chart of the process.

Basically the good news is that pretty much the only way a delivery can be considered as late is if they buyer says it was late. If you’re using tracking then the buyer’s input won’t even be considered unless there was no acceptance scan and no delivery scan or the delivery scan shows the item was delivered late.

Good news

If you ship untracked if the buyer doesn’t leave feedback the transaction will be ignored in calculations, which is pretty much the status quo for the despatch time Detailed Seller Rating!

More good news

If you ship untracked the buyer will be shown the estimated delivery date and asked if the item arrived on time. We know there’s a lot of concern regarding eBay’s estimated delivery dates but it’s probably an easier metric to get an positive result from than asking the buyer if you despatch quickly.

And yet more good news

Even if your tracked courier missed the acceptance scan and shows a late delivery but your buyer still says the item arrived on time then you get an On-Time delivery credit!

eBay’s On-Time Delivery Flow

If you’re still unsure when you’ll get an on-time delivery, when it’ll be discounted from calculations and when you’ll get a late delivery here’s a flow chart which will hopefully answer your questions: