eBay listing auto direct phishing like error

eBay-Listing-Phishing-ScamThere’s a new glitch, which looks very much like a phishing scam, currently live on eBay listings. Not being technical we haven’t a clue how it occurs, but simply by browsing an infected live listing users are being directed to pseudo eBay log in site.

The infected listing that we have seen is the top search result in Best Match for “Heavy Labels”. Clicking on the top search result takes you to a genuine eBay listing, but then the page reloads to direct you to “http://vi.vipr.ebaydesc.co.uk”. This looks like a genuine eBay URL and the domain on which they host eBay listing descriptions, but it should end in .com, not .co.uk. Plus the dodgy listings are taking you to a test area on that domain – vi.sandbox.ebaydesc.co.uk. ebaydesc.co.uk is eBay AG registered domain, so hopefully this is an error and not a hack.

Why simply viewing a listing is able to redirect you to another domain I don’t know. Some years ago eBay moved to hosting all eBay listings in a separate frame to stop code from descriptions affecting the main eBay site. They also of course have banned code which is easy to use for nefarious purposes such as calling remote scripts and pages automatically (e.g. JavaScript “includes” or “iframes”).

If you see any such code (or strange redirects) on your listings then your listings have been hacked. If you see the behaviour on anyone else’s listings we suggest you close your browser immediately.