eBay Automated Returns Preferences now live

The new eBay Returns automation flows are live on eBay. This means that you can now set automated returns rules either using eBay’s Basic return rules or Advanced return rules which give more flexibility in how you choose which products to apply different rule sets to.

We’ve already discussed circumstances for which every seller should set automatic return acceptance rules – namely cases where the buyer is going to pay the return shipping costs. If the buyer is a fault why not make the return process as slick and quick as possible as at the end of the day you’re going to have to accept it anyway. Quite apart from eBay’s rules it’s the law Distance Sellers have to accept buyer remorse returns.

That leaves you with the circumstances where you’ll be paying the return costs. For some products it simply won’t be worth incurring the return carriage charges and you can set a rule to simply refund and let the buyer keep the product. In other cases you for more valuable products you may wish to set rules for automatic acceptance of the return which include the buyer being obligated to return the item.

Hopefully once you’ve set your rules it will leave you with a limited set of products for which you want to make a case by case decision on how to proceed with return requests – perhaps products which are nigh on impossible to break or products which often throw up questions from buyers but are easy to solve with some technical assistance.

You’ll find the Basic Returns Rules creation tool as well as the Advance Returns Rules settings in My eBay.