Duplicate listings on eBay are still rife

eBay have many times over the years stated that they’ll be clamping down on duplicate listings. From June this year eBay.com said that “listing visibility in Best Match will be reduced for sellers who pollute the eBay marketplace with duplicate listings” and we’ve heard of sellers sanctions in the UK duplicates across multiple eBay user IDs owned by the same person.

But is it working? We still hear regularly of duplicate listings appearing on eBay will little if any action taken visible to those that report them.

This week we had a reader notice that a seller on the eBay Deals program not only had a duplicate of the deal, but their other listing was actually highlighted by eBay in the “People who viewed this item also viewed” section of the listing.

We know how difficult it can be to keep track of listings an it’s unsurprising that occasionally a seller mistakenly has a duplicate. However in certain categories the practise is still rife.

Duplicate Listings eBayThis week I was looking for a tempered glass screen protector for my mobile phone and it was almost impossible due to the number of duplicates. It doesn’t appear to be accidental duplication of listings but looks very much like it’s still a concerted effort to flood search results with listings. One seller had no less than 18 duplicate listings, all Fixed Price and many appearing on the first page of search results.

Will product identifiers help eBay decide what’s a duplicate listings? Unlikely as when I checked this particular seller’s listings they’d included the same part number on many of the duplicates.

What would you like to see eBay do for sellers who persistently list duplicate listings? Should eBay step up the penalties and make them even more severe, or are they simply fighting a losing battle which they’ll never win? One thing I do know and that is that sellers on the Deals program should have their listing scrutinised with a fine tooth comb and there’s very little excuse for duplicate listings or indeed any policy violations there.