Can eBay stage a recovery after a dismal August?

Scot Wingo’s monthly SSS (same stores sales) report is required reading at Tamebay Towers. It’s a useful source and you can find the August report in full here.

The headlines are as expected: Amazon is growing faster than eBay and actually eBay has a real problem in that it is growing not at all. Auctions are in real decline.

Here’s the eBay Graph:

CA graph

(If it’s a bit small for you to read then you can see it bigger here on the Channel Advisor website.)

The key insight for me is that eBay desperately needs to turn itself around in the next few months and have a very good Christmas if it’s to have any real long-term future. It cannot hide behind the PayPal results now it’s a lone entity and these August numbers cannot give us any optimism.

Obviously, any turnaround is a big ask but it is essential and the 2015 Q3 results will be truly required reading to see if there are any signs of an uptick. eBay doesn’t have much time to be circumspect: the sharks are circling. We’ll see if the raft of announcements due later in the week form a reasonable plan for recovery.

(It’s worth noting that these numbers are from a cohort of CA sellers but they are reflective of the entire marketplace. Scot has a full list of caveats and disclaimers about the report in the post.)