Avoiding defects: refund via eBay not PayPal

This comes by way of a reminder because a seller contacted Tamebay this week to say that she was having trouble with eBay Defects. Nothing unusual there, we get a lot of enquiries from readers about eBay’s Defect system because it isn’t very well explained.

Her seller performance had declined over recent months and she’d had a dig about in her Defects reports. Now, that Detailed Defects Report isn’t that easy to find and I bet there are plenty of sellers who aren’t familiar with it. So here’s a reminder.

She reported that one of the Defects she was falling foul of was not refunding sellers. And of course, she had been refunding buyers that required it and doing everything a diligent seller should do. BUT. The refunds she was making were via PayPal.

For reference, if you want eBay to look kindly on your refunds then it’s vital to make refunds through eBay’s system, not that of PayPal.

Of course, the refund process on eBay has the merit of being considerably more clunky than that of PayPal and is far less convenient. But such is the system, if you don’t do your refunds via eBay they won’t credit you with doing the right thing.

The Defects system is changing next year, but in the meantime, the old regime is in force and dodging every unfair Defect you can is good practice. So make sure you refund via eBay.