Using Amazon Prime convinced me you should use FBA

Amazon Prime featI’ve never used Amazon Prime until the last couple of weeks. But I’m starting to wonder why.

I was perfectly happy with free Super Saver delivery which I routinely selected. Whilst current ecommerce wisdom is that everyone needs their purchases delivered tomorrow, that’s not the case. With most of the products I buy I’m perfectly happy to wait a few days, if delivery is free.

When attending a meeting with Amazon staff, they were shocked that I wasn’t a Prime customer. So much so they insisted on signing me up then and there for a free trial of Amazon Prime. So what difference has it made to my buying habits?

The most important change has been that for the purchases I’ve made in the last week I’ve immediately hit the “Prime Eligible” button. That means if your products aren’t stored in an Amazon warehouse for fulfilment I’m not even going to see them. I can’t be the only Amazon Prime customer that does this and I know from talking to sellers that as soon as they start using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) their sales for FBA products instantly accelerate.

I’ve also learnt that not every Prime delivery is next day. Some products do take longer to arrive especially if they’re stored in FBA warehouses in Europe. Of the three products I ordered on Wednesday last week, one was here Thursday, a second delivered on Friday (an item that is in stock but needed to be delivered from a remote UK fulfilment centre) and the final item (from FBA in Europe) isn’t due to arrive until Tuesday this week. Importantly however, even though delivery wasn’t next day for all items, they were still “Prime Eligible”.

I’ve also watched a movie using Amazon Instant Video and (as Dan pointed out when they signed the old Top Gear team to produce a new car show for Amazon Prime Video) that would be the incentive for me to sign up.

When my free trial expires I’ll be keeping Amazon Prime and happily paying my £79 per year. I’m not convinced, as an avid user of Super Saver delivery, that the £79 is worth the upgrade to free delivery on it’s own but I’ll probably start using Amazon’s No-Rush Delivery Programme to receive promotional credits towards a future purchases. Delivery benefits with video, photo, books and music make it appear a very low cost subscription.

The big lesson using Amazon Prime has taught me is not the benefits for the buyer. The most important thing to realise is that if your products aren’t shipped via Amazon FBA then your sales are suffering. If you’ve never used FBA before, sign up for a few of your best selling lines and let us know if you see accelerated sales as a result.