Two eBay private seller promotions today

Seeing as it’s currently chucking it down with rain outside (at least it is in Thatcham), check you email as you may have a listing promotion on your private selling account.

We’ve heard of two promotions eBay are running today, but there may be more variants.

eBay Promo DoublePromo 1

To qualify you must have been invited and confirm the offer by clicking the link in the email.

Then create listings by the 27th August using the auction or fixed price format. If your items sell by Monday 7 September 2015 local UK time you will receive a voucher equal to the total selling price (excluding postage) up to a maximum of £30, valid for a purchase on eBay UK when paying with PayPal.

eBay Promo FeesPromo 2

Again this is an invite only promotion requiring you to confirm the offer by clicking the link in the email.

Create up to 10 listings on eBay UK by midnight tonight (23rd August), using the auction-style or fixed price format and receive a 75% discount on your final value fees if the items sell.

Importantly for both these promotions participation is linked to the seller’s account and is not transferable, if you didn’t get the email you’re probably not going to benefit.

What do the promo’s do for sellers?

These promos are probably a smart move by eBay, many people have returned from their holidays and are now in the back to school uniform buying phase of the summer. With dismal weather forecast for the rest of the week it’s not a bad time to entice consumers into a little selling.

Plus the big win from eBay is that they’ve said for many years that a consumer that has sold just one item tends on average to buy more than a consumer that’s never sold. Whilst business sellers might complain that the promotions aren’t for them, at the end of the day if consumers buy more that’s a good thing.