Reports of issues with eBay search

All weekend we’ve been receiving emails from sellers telling us that eBay search is not performing correctly and that many of their listings are missing from search results.

The problem we have here at Tamebay HQ is narrowing the issue down so that we can replicate specific problems and it seems that many of the reports are identifying slightly different issues. However the number of reports we’ve received does suggest there is a significant problem.

The best demonstration we’ve had of a search anomaly on eBay was supplied to us by video. The eBay user says that they cleared their cookies and cache and therefore were effectively visiting eBay as a fresh visitor.

They then searched for ‘Capo’ and using the Chrome browser’s page search function looked for ‘Nordell;’, the brand of the capo that they are selling.

First search – It’s there, Refresh the page – it’s not there, Refresh the page – it’s there, Refresh the page – it’s not there, Refresh the page – it’s there….

We’ve been told by our readers that there have been many reports to eBay on search issues and that eBay are working on the problem as a priority.

The net result of what we know is that many sellers are reporting problems. And we’re told that eBay are fixing them and we have a video which appears to show a product repeatedly appearing and disappearing in search results. What’s your experience over the past few days – have you seen any problems? And as a seller are sales where you’d expect them to be?

1600hrs Edited to add: eBay have given the following statement confirming all issues should be resolved

Due to a technical issue, some eBay customers may have noticed a problem with their listings not showing up in search results over the weekend. The problem has now been fixed and we apologise for any inconvenience caused