Meet eBay’s most peculiar executive

If you sell on eBay, you should meet Michael Phillips Moskowitz. He’s the head of Curation at eBay (whatever that is) and he’s rather interesting.

I do like a man with a colourful vocabulary and I also admire intelligence and style. But, equally, I do like clarity and sense. It would appear that Moskowitz is in charge of eBay Collections, therefore he’s involved with decisions that will affect your business.

We have, apparently, witnessed both a “generational and a paradigmatical shift in consumer expectations across this space” and in likening eBay to the library at Alexandria we should be reassured by Moskowitz’s assertion that “eBay will never burn.”

Hyper-selectivity? There is a downside to infinite connectedness. What it means to be human is becoming harder and harder and more of a psychic struggle. Which is nice.

From where I’m sitting eBay Collections has been a flop. It launched in 2014 to great fanfare. It stayed. eBay has never told us all what a success it is. And I can’t say that I’ve ever heard eBay sellers talk of it in relation to their business.

So it would be interesting to know exactly what Moskowitz has added to the eBay business aside from a decent suit, long words and a slight daze as you try an decipher his message.

What do you think he was saying in this video?