Ki FeedbackPro: Grow your Amazon feedback

kifeedbackpro lgWould you like to get more feedback on Amazon? If so read on, Ki FeedbackPro from KiOui could be just the solution for you.

One of the complaints we often get from Amazon sellers is hardly any buyers leave them feedback, in fact if you’re an Amazon buyer you can be forgiven if you weren’t aware that you could leave feedback on Amazon. Ki FeedbackPro can help grow your Amazon feedback by requesting feedback from buyers, but they’ll only request feedback from perfect Amazon transactions.

Perfect Orders on Amazon are orders with a score of 110. These are the perfect orders to use to request Feedback for because Amazon is telling you that these orders have not had any issues. This avoids the faux pas of requesting feedback from seller where the shipment was late or the product arrived damaged. Ki FeedbackPro ensure you’re only asking Amazon customers who are happy to leave you feedback.

Ki FeedbackPro also monitors your Amazon and eBay accounts and will notify you if you get non-positive feedback enabling you to respond to the customer. There are automated email templates that you can set up to make the process automated.

Pricing for the utility is on a monthly basis dependant on how many orders are handled per month. You can connect multiple eBay and Amazon accounts, or just the accounts you’d like to either build your feedback on or accounts you want to monitor non-positive feedback so that you can take action.

If you’d like to try Ki FeedbackPro they have a free account for up to 50 orders per month. They also don’t nickel and dime so there’s no additional charge for additional marketplaces and every account, regardless of level, gets access to all the features.