How not to respond to eBay negative feedback!

Whether or not to respond to negative or neutral feedback has been a long standing discussion for eBay sellers.

Responding sometimes looks worse than not responding, especially as the buyer has the final right of reply to leave a final comment after your response. Not responding might be construed as a seller that doesn’t care about their customers.

There’s a drawback to responding which is that it makes a non-positive feedback stand out even more on your feedback page as each response takes up extra lines and so makes the feedback stand out even more.

The reverse is also true, that if you’re really miffed with a trading partner leave your feedback in capital letters and use all the available characters and it’ll run over two lines and be more prominent than using lower case letters.

Today however Tamebay reader Daniel pointed us towards a classic feedback response from a large high street retailer.

Feedback Reply

It’s obvious from the comments that two things have occurred. Firstly this is a very happy buyer who received their item in record time, the product was in perfect condition, they think the seller is a great eBayer… they just somehow managed to click the negative feedback button instead of positive and promptly ignored the warning on the interstitial page to work out any problems with the seller before leaving feedback.
The second thing that happened is that the seller responded to all their negative feedbacks with cut and pasted a boiler plate responses, apologised and said that they’ll make sure the situation doesn’t happen again. What are they going to do? Make sure they don’t ship fast, don’t supply superb goods and try not to be a great eBayer?

In the words of Homer Simpson… “D’oh!”