Have you had problems satisfying Amazon with business documentation?

We’ve received a fascinating email from a Tamebay reader and we wondered whether anyone else has had a similar problem.

It relates to money laundering regulations. The seller in question recently realised that they weren’t selling anything at all on Amazon. This is because Amazon required them to provide official documentation regarding their business and had hidden their items. But they hadn’t informed the seller.

As soon as the seller found out, he got together all the relevant documentation and submitted it. Most of it is actually already freely available from Companies House. But Amazon rejected it. So the seller went back, double-checked and resubmitted it.

Amazon, however, are refusing to accept some of this information, but won’t explain why. The seller is incredibly frustrated and writes:

“We all want to stop the bad guys having money to do bad stuff, but for most decent folk, this is an administrative burden over and above the day-to-day of trying to delight customers. eBay and Paypal must be bound by the same regulations but none of this has been necessary for them. As a registered company, we have to file documents which are then published by Companies House free of charge for anyone to inspect – a great example of open data in Government. That these documents are good enough for the government, but not enough for Amazon speaks volumes about how hard they are trying to make it for sellers to sell. We have now been unable to sell for 6 months and have only just realised this was a problem: we’re unable to speak with anyone at Amazon who can help us get through their validation process, and we’re left guessing what documents they require.”

Has anyone had similar problems with Amazon? How did you remedy the situation?