Exciting news from Tamebay

Tamebay Internet Retailing hmTamebay began as a labour of love. It started as a community resource for eBay sellers as a sideline. In the 9 years since inception, Tamebay has grown in scale and complexity and covers a much broader scope today: providing all the news and help we can to assist ecommerce SMEs grow their businesses.

With the increasing volume of content we publish, combined with the growing complexity of ecommerce and the various aspects of running the Tamebay business, we’ve been spreading ourselves a little thinly. In the past year or so it’s become clear to us that if Tamebay is to reach its full potential, then we’d need some outside help.

So we’re excited to announce that Tamebay has entered into an agreement to become part of the Internet Retailing group. They’re well-respected publishers specialising in ecommerce for retailers. We’ve known them for some years and they’re the perfect match for Tamebay.

Moving forward the deal means we’ll have access to the broad base of talent they have. Whether that’s analytics, tech and design or commercial expertise, Tamebay will be able to tap into their considerable complementary experience. And also, it means we can develop the Tamebay platform in future to ensure that it’s completely fit for purpose.

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere and we will continue to run and direct the editorial aspects of Tamebay. And we’ll be able to focus much more keenly on producing excellent content and news.

We enter Tamebay’s tenth year in November, ecommerce continues to grow and Tamebay has to develop with it. We are totally committed to Tamebay and continuing to bring you all the vital ecommerce news we can. And we think this partnership puts us in the best position to do exactly that.

Of course, it’s only down to you that we’re here at all. So, we must extend big thanks to all the readers of Tamebay who make it what it is. And please do keep sending us all those stories and tip-offs. We couldn’t do it without you.

Chris Dawson and Dan Wilson
Editors, Tamebay