eBay UK suspended a “small number” of sellers by mistake this week

Here’s what happened, according to one eBay seller who got in touch with Tamebay: “On Tuesday we discovered that eBay had accidentally suspended our account. They admitted as much when we called them to ask what was going on. Technical difficulties and significant human error, we were told.

We list around 120,000 items and all were removed. After three days they have reinstated these listings – but only to the Unsold listings category as they have said that they cannot relist. For me to manually relist these items will take weeks.”

Here’s the eBay message the seller received:

Incorrectly Suspended Account Apology

We asked eBay UK for a comment and they obliged: “A small number of eBay members received a message advising them that their accounts had been suspended. The account suspension and corresponding removal of the members’ active listings were done in error. Upon identifying this problem, we moved quickly to reinstate the affected accounts. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Inconvenience this may have caused? Dear eBay, you may have reinstated the accounts. But not the listings. Inconvenience has been caused. Know that.

We don’t know how many sellers were affected. We asked. All they are saying is a “small number”. Several hundreds? More? We don’t know. A tinkle in the ocean for eBay in any case judging by their concern but a pain in the backside for anyone affected. And also a real blow for the sellers because they lose any Best Match juice they had on those ended listings. And they have to relist everything too. Sounds like quite a lot more than a little inconvenience.

And it took three days. eBay didn’t “move quickly” in our book. Three days of lost sales. Inconvenience much?

Reading over both the email from eBay and the statement they sent, it seems that eBay doesn’t really understand the impact this little niggle (as they consider it) had on real life businesses.

Some people will have a pretty dull Bank Holiday weekend sorting this stuff out now and none of them are on the eBay payroll. There is no sniff of a goodwill bit of compo from eBay either. The tone of the email and statement is, quite frankly, cold.

The whole business is infuriating. And eBay’s dismissive attitude and lack of contrition is the thing that irks most of all.

Have you been affected by this glitch?