Did you bag a BIGTHANKS Amazon voucher on Monday?

We’re all about those coupons and vouchers that offer a good deal. And on Monday Amazon made a tasty offer: 10 quid off for a spend of £50. I certainly took advantage and bagged a saving. Thanks Amazon!

It was a smart idea for a promotion: sunny Mondays in August are never going to be stellar. So it makes sense to offer a promo to boost sales.

But it wasn’t necessarily the boon it could have been for third party or FBA sellers on Amazon because you could only claim your tenner on items actually being sold by Amazon themselves. Even as a Prime member, things being sold by third party merchants were excluded. That caused a bit of confusion with buyers, as far as we can see.

Obviously anything that drags the buyers and traffic into Amazon is good news for all sellers. But Amazon could have done a whole lot more to make it so much easier to spend.

Where was the sexy landing page directing me to goods vended by Amazon?

It took me a bit of time to find a basketful of things that totted up to £50. I have a stack of goods in my Amazon basket and wishlist that I want to buy but, as it turns out, most of them are from third party sellers.

And, as far as I can see, there is no filter on the Amazon site to search purely for items retailed by Amazon. That might be good news for 3rd party sellers but it was a bit of a yawn for this buyer trying to bag his coupon bargains.

What were your experiences of the Amazon BIGTHANKS promo?