What do Millennials want from ecommerce delivery?

What is a Millennial? They’re big news and vital to ecommerce and they’re probably younger than you.

Millennials are those people born after about 1990 who have always has the the Internet in their lives. They’re au fait with social media and smartphones and hopefully have a load of wedge to spare too to spend online.

As Metapack says: “Put simply, UK consumers aged 18-24 want their delivery fast and on their terms. Digital natives, who have grown up with fast and cheap internet access, expect their deliveries to operate in a similar manner, with 55% saying they value free delivery most and 33% stating that, for them, it’s all about speed.

UK parcel deliveries are likely to cross the 1 billion mark by the end of 2015 and consumer attitudes are rapidly changing. Gone are the days when consumers were willing to wait weeks for a package to arrive, especially among the new generation of consumers. Today’s 18-24 year olds increasingly want same-day delivery and 82% are keen to try it over the next year.”

Check out the infographic.

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