Tweet the government about Red Tape holding your business back

It sounds like a plot from the Thick of It, but the new business minister with responsibility for SMEs, Anna Soubry, has announced that she wants SMEs to report the unnecessary Red Tape they encounter by using a dedicated Twitter #hashtag.

Her announcement in the House of Commons was met with derision from the opposition benches but Soubry assured the House she was not joking and said: “I am trying to make the very serious point, which may be lost on opposition members, that we want to hear from businesses, and indeed from anybody, about the red tape, regulation and the burden it imposes, notably on small businesses, so that we can cut it.”

So. Where’s the twitter handle and what’s the hashtag? I’m glad you asked.

The Twitter account in question belongs to the Better Regulation Executive and to get their attention use the hashtag #cutredtape

Will you be giving them any suggestions?