Insights into Amazon Logistics size and scale

Amazon have opened a new delivery depot in Hedge End (just off the M27 between Southampton and Portsmouth) for their Amazon Logistics courier operation.

What’s interesting about the opening is the number of jobs it’s expected to support – 20 onsite workers and another 140 drivers working with eight independent local courier companies.

140 full time drivers working to delivery Amazon’s parcels from one relatively small depot on the South Coast takes Amazon Logistic’s delivery stations to 14 in the UK. If they’re all around the same size we can estimate 280 warehouse workers and somewhere in the region of 2,000 delivery drivers working for Amazon.

Royal Mail employ somewhere in the region of 124,000 postmen and women, that means Amazon employ 1.42% the number of couriers that Royal Mail do. However the impact is worse for Royal Mail as Amazon are taking lucrative parcels business away from Royal Mail and leaving them to continue the Universal Service having to deliver letter post to each and every door in the country six days a week.

It’s testament to Amazon’s growth in the UK that they can invest in their Amazon Logistics courier business. If any one was still in doubt as to whether they should be listing their products on the Amazon marketplace this should be the incentive for them to get started.