Have you checked out your eBay Detailed Defect Report?

Maybe a week or two ago eBay rolled out the new Detailed Defect Report. It’s not an easy thing to find so you might have missed it. Equally it wasn’t announced with much fanfare.

The report gives you more in depth information about those all important defects that determine your trading status on eBay.

If you haven’t been and checked yours out then Jane Bell (the eBay Anorak) comes to the rescue with this handy video to help you locate the report.

Whilst, of course, any additional reporting or seller resources are very much welcome it seems that this new defect report isn’t as convenient and user friendly as it perhaps could be.

One eBay successful volume seller we know has been in touch with some of his criticisms of the new report:

“I’m working my way through our defect report to see if I can find where there are unfair defects that we can appeal. We have 185 to work through from the past 3 months. Each takes about 20 minutes to investigate because it’s so hard to link back to the original transaction and correspondence. There’s not a space to put comments so you are told to build a spreadsheet and email it to customer service.

The defects in the report don’t match up to the report on the page. It’s still weeks behind. Latest transaction date with a defect is over 2 weeks ago. And because it’s so late it’s usually too late to contact the buyer and remedy the problem.

The rules are unclear, but international postage is a big thing for us: we send a tracked package next day to Italy and it arrives a day or so after the very short window that eBay tell the buyer it will arrive in. Defect removal requires proof of attempted delivery in that time. Their delivery times are fantasy and are deceiving the buyers. We can’t change them.”

Have you taken the time to digest the latest defect report eBay has made available? What have your experiences been?