eBay Traffic Reports: Ominture replaced by Tenthwave

eBay have replaced the old Omniture Traffic reports with a new replacement offering from Tenthwave.

We’ve had a number of readers contact us saying that Traffic Reports are no longer available. The confusion appears to be a broken link on the main section of the “Manage My Shop” page which will be fixed this week, in the mean time you can access the new Tenth Wave version of eBay Traffic Reports by clicking on “Traffic Reports” text link in the left hand navigation panel.

As well as a 30 day revenue chart the reports have options for listing Impressions (views in search results), Click-through Rate (clicks from search to listing), Listing Page Views, and Sales Conversion Rate. You can also view the top search terms for your products which generate a sale as well as referring domains – which sites buyers found your listings from (likely to be mostly eBay).

Have you had a look at the new Traffic Reports? Let us know what you think in comments below.