eBay feedback “Did the item arrive on time?”

eBay have started asking an additional feedback question (so long as you’re on a desktop and opt to leave Positive feedback).

eBay Feedback Delivery Arrival Question

The question reads “Did the item arrive on or before Friday, 17 July 2015? Estimated Delivery Date: 17 July” with radio buttons for a simple “Yes/No” answer.

There are a number of comments we’ve heard from sellers regarding this extra feedback question, not least of which is don’t buyers have enough to fill out anyway with selecting a rating, leaving a comment, selecting stars for four detailed seller ratings and now another question to read and answer.

Let’s not forget that there’s also a Detailed Seller Rating for buyers to rank you asking “How quickly did the seller dispatch the item?”. We all know that buyers often can’t tell how quickly sellers despatched an item and answer this based on how quickly the item was delivered.

The new question is interesting however, firstly it enables eBay to measure how good couriers are at keeping their promises. If sellers despatch promptly the same day or next day and then the courier takes two days to deliver that’s a problem outside the seller’s immediate control (barring changing courier).

It also gives sellers with a longer despatch time some flexibility – for instance if you have a one day handling time and 24 hour courier, perhaps you can save some money if you can ship same day on a 48 hour service. Equally if you have items which should be delivered on the third day, but you’re late despatching you can upgrade to a 24 hour service to keep to the commitment you made to the customer.

My real surprise is that if you answer the new question as “Yes”, why doesn’t it automatically award a five star detailed seller rating for the “How quickly did the seller dispatch the item?” detailed seller rating? So long as the promise was kept and the item arrived on the estimated day, who cares how quickly the seller did the picking and packing? It’s irrelevant so please eBay… don’t bother asking the despatch speed question.