eBay.com duplicate listing sanctions go live

Duplicate ListingseBay.com announced a couple of months ago that they’d be stepping up sanctions for sellers who violate their duplicate listing policy. This has now come into effect.

At the time their language was quite strong and unambiguous – if you have duplicate listings they’ll dump your entire account in Best Match search. Saying such sellers “pollute the eBay marketplace”, they said “If a seller violates the duplicate listings policy, then all the listings from that seller – including those across linked accounts – will have reduced visibility. This visibility reduction will last until the duplicate listings are removed“.

eBay Duplicate Listing Policy

Fixed price listings

You can’t have more than one fixed price listing of an identical item at the same time. Additionally, you can’t have a fixed price listing and an auction-style listing with the Buy It Now option for an identical item.

Auction-style listings

While you can have more than one auction-style listing for identical items within the same account, only one listing without bids will appear on eBay at a time. However, you are not permitted to have an auction-style listing with the Buy It Now option and an auction-style listing without the Buy It Now option for an identical item.

Multi-variation listings

You can’t have an identical variation in two different multi-variation listings.

Other eBay sites

Separate listings may be created for the same item on different eBay sites, as long as the international postage options don’t result in the listings cluttering the search results of any individual site. This means that if you sell on eBay.co.uk and you list the same item on eBay.com and eBay.de, your eBay.co.uk listing should exclude shipping to the US or Germany, your eBay.de listing should exclude shipping to the UK and US and your eBay.com listing should exclude shipping to the UK and Germany.

eBay insist that each listing should provide distinct and unique value to buyers and don’t forget this also applies if you have more than one eBay seller account. If you have duplicate listings you stand the risk of all your products (not just those considered to be duplicates) being dumped to the bottom of search.