Rakuten.co.uk now supported by plentymarkets

plentymarketsplentymarkets are the latest third party channel management software solution to add support for Rakuten.co.uk.

plentymarkets emphasise that English markets attract a large number of customers because of the numerous English native speakers around the world and the even higher number of second-language speakers. The integration of Rakuten.co.uk allows you to reach these customers and to sell your items to this large audience.

An interface to Rakuten.de has already been available in plentymarkets for some time now and the two platforms are very similar. The plentymarkets interface to Rakuten is similar to other market interfaces and includes the usual steps steps such as defining a price column and linking categories. The settings are not very compicated and are easy to be carried out so that once you have registered, you can soon start selling on Rakuten.co.uk via plentymarkets.

We’re going to take a closer look at Rakuten.co.uk this week on Tamebay looking at how the marketplace has grown and an indepth look at how easy retailers are finding it to sign up. If you’ve any comments feel free to add them below or email me direct at chris@tamebay.com