New eBay Feature: Volume Pricing

eBay Volume Pricing lgeBay have a new volume pricing discount for sellers to offer buyers. It enables sellers to give a discount based on buying a multiple quantity from the same listing.

This is something that sellers have long wanted – If (as eBay want) you offer free postage, giving a volume price enables you to discount the product price if a buyer wants multiple quantities from the same listing.

Currently we’ve only seen this on and haven’t spotted where to set the volume discounts up. sellers already have one promotions tool not available to UK sellers – Codeless Coupons to engage new and returning buyers with semi-private deals. Codeless coupons generate a unique url that can be distributed through emails, social media, third-party sites, eBay storefront, etc. Offers are hidden from natural search and are only displayed to buyers who have clicked on the link.

Would you use Volume Pricing or Codeless Coupons if they were available on your account? Are these features you’d like to see come to the UK.