More glitches on eBay UK: are you seeing the same?

UPDATE: This post was published at 01:08 BST this morning. At that time the reported problems had been underway for at least an hour. Maybe more. Now (at circa 02:00 am) they appear to have been resolved. Did you sleep through it?

On Twitter, eBay made this comment at circa 02:00 BST blaming the problems on “network issues”:

But here is our original post, made whilst the problems were ongoing>>

Is anyone else having problems using eBay tonight?

Just about an hour ago, a user contacted Tamebay saying that was down and it does seem that right now eBay is suffering technical difficulties

Here are three things that I have been able to verify:

Search isn’t working from the homepage

I’m seeing an error message every time I search. (I use a Mac and Safari and here’s what it looks like.)

search error

Signing in and My eBay login isn’t working:

If you try and sign in to My eBay, it seems that you can’t. This is the URL that won’t work:

Additionally, if you click the homepage link to Sell, it doesn’t resolve at this URL:

From memory as an eBay employee, the structure of those URLs looks like a QA environment.

What’s this text above the logo?

odd ebay text

Several people are reporting this text as odd. Can you see it hovering above the eBay logo at the uppermost top left of the eBay homepage? What is it?

eBay have acknowledged sign in problems on Twitter:

And others are seeing the same issues as we’ve noted:

ebay twitter

And here is the graph from Downdetector for eBay, taken just a few moments ago.

Are you having similar problems? Be specific in your comments.