Meet the top 10 sellers on eBay UK

Webretailer has published a list of the top one thousand eBay sellers in the world.

Yesterday we looked at how it seems that more of the top sellers are Chinese sellers exporting to the UK. Today, we’re taking a look at the top UK sellers. Of particular note, estocks has taken the lead over babz and now holds the number one slot.

Here’s the Webretailer eBay UK top ten chart:

top 10 uk

So how are Top Sellers defined?

As Webretailer says: “they have gained the most positive feedback in the last 6 months, and they are all Premium Store owners (or the international equivalent such as Featured Shops in the UK).

Webretailer is extremely clear on the methodology, but it is worth noting that this is based on feedback. That’s information freely available from eBay and whilst not sales data, it’s a good indicator.

You can find the full list here. And for reference, here are the top 10 sellers by the Webretailer criteria worldwide:

top ten global